Dear Guest,

We need to make you aware of this new law that must be complied with as of 13th November 2020.

In order to obtain access to your holiday accommodation it will be necessary that all guests older than 6 years must prove to have taken the Covid PCR test for active infection within a maximum term of 72 hours prior to arrival. These tests can be booked online with many pharmacies, including Lloyds Pharmacy and can cost up to £120 per person and should be UK AS accredited.

When making your booking you must accept the applicable entry requirements mentioned.

You must be able to provide proof of taking the test with a corresponding certificate, electronically or in paper form, which must contain the date and time the test was taken, the identity of the person having taken it (including their passport number) and the responsible laboratory and the negative COVID-19 result. So you will be expected to take your passport with you when taking the test.

You also must download the “Radar Covid infection notification” app on your mobile phone (this is the equivalent to the UK’s Track and Trace app) and keep it during your stay in Tenerife and for the term of 15 days after your return to your place of origin.

We must deny access to the accommodation to all guests who don’t comply with the above mentioned requirements.

As an exception, in the event that a guest does not show proof of this test being taken, but is willing to take it, access and overnight stay may be authorised for the time required to obtain the result. In this case, no guests may leave the accommodation unit, except for the purpose of taking the test and getting the result.

Please also remember to complete the entry and exit documentation you will need to produce at the airports. The link to complete the form to enter Tenerife is The link to complete the form to enter the UK is For all other Nationalities please check your own National Government Guidelines for the relevant forms.

Please be advised that you will be expected to self-isolate for 10 days on your return, unless you opt in to the Test and Release Program which can reduce this time nearer to 7 days, but there are costs involved.